Kay uses mixed media and digital tools to create compelling images from impactful topics, amorphous ambitions, and technical instruction. Weaving threads of raw dialog, shorthand notes, and complex data points, into visual narratives. As each conversation connects, each graph, each moment, and each element come together to instill and inspire a holistic connection.
By portraying lived experiences, typography, symbolism, nature, and planetary wonder, the result is a collaborative work producing a call to movement; expressing stories about process, revealing progress, taking what was learned, where we are, and how to move forward.

Nature, human form, and bold color motifs are often found in Kay’s work, intertwined with memory, fluidity, and resonance. Receiving a BFA in Visual Communications from Hussian College, blossomed into many artistic and technical opportunities with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, AmeriCorps programs: Digital Service Fellows and PromiseCorps, People’s Emergency Center, Philadelphia FIGHT, PMHCC, and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. These opportunities lead to growing digital connection skills and visual practice using art as a mode of expression and medium of change, culminating with many collaborative visual works with TPF.

Many of these Illustrations, Graphics, and Visual Boards support non-profit groups in Leadership, translating difficult and spacious themes such as Excellence Vs. Perfection, Grounding During Times of Uncertainty, Anti-Blackness, Work Culture, and Spirituality. More can be seen throughout the Partnership Funds webpage, and Compass Point: Self Care for Women in Black Leadership. Many thanks to the inspiration and guidance provided by the Soul Shifting Community, led and held by Dr. G, and the mentorship and leadership of many elders.

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